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And you won’t get it…



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I lost my password.

And had forgotten which email I used for my account.

But that’s all fixed now,

so I can post again 🙂


My first “blog”

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Before starting to babble about what is good and bad about wordpress,

I thought it would be good for you to know my background.

Especially my blog-history or blogstory.

My first “blog” wasn’t even a blog back then.

Starting early in 1999 I  wrote daily snippets of my activity with a simple texteditor (vi or scite, whatever was available).

I always planned to publish these,

but a broken notebook harddisk wiped it all out 😦

Including a template for a site idea “tagebuch.de”, so that never came into existance.

At least not as I had planned.



Welcome to myself

Posted in wordpress.com on September 22, 2005 by anti

I just got this shiny invite to wordpress.com.

I waited for this a while…

And after waiting for so long to get in … I forgot what I came for.

Guess for the time being I’ll just keep you posted about what I do with wordpress.

That includes what I like and dislike.

If any of you remembers what I really wanted to do here … just let me know.